Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you...

As most of you that know me, know I have always wanted to do this type of work and now that the time is here I just wanted to say Thank You's....

Thank you for.... the encouragement, the emotional support, the financial support, the listening to me talk endlessly support, the providing me with the opportunity support, the near support, the far support....

Thanks you too...
  • my family (near and far)
  • my friends (old and new, the old that are new again; near and far)
  • family and friends who have left and whom I will meet again someday (miss you Matt,Nana,Mom)
  • my fellow staff members (who I also count as friends but wanted to single them out here!), fellow colleagues (The Misericordia Wound care team/Erin Kennedy/CONVATEC)
  • my patients and their families who are in the midst of their own struggles and have the immense compassion and empathy to see others in need and want to help them! (Thank you Ann and Don!)

I know I am forgetting many (sorry I could not name everyone!) and for that I am sorry! Just please know your love and support keeps me going..spoken and unspoken I feel I can do anything with people like you watching my back!

Love you


4 more days!!

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  1. Tears Lise, as always tears to my eyes reading your posts! :)