Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its been a while since I have written. Life carries on and seems to deviate from my focus...but for me that focus has never been too clear. I just wanted to do a quick update to let you know what's happening at Heartline, to say a few "Thank you's" and to let you in on a new project that I am thinking of undertaking...

I'm just going to post a link to Heartline's website..more specifically John's blog where he updates on the things happening there. Heartline has bought a parcel of land and is planning on opening a permanent clinic there which is very exciting (read Beth's stories about patient transfers and see why such a clinic is needed!). As for the houses, a number have gone up and there are great stories about little E and his family getting a new start in life along with another young girl named Marjory...Rose and grandma are still working on getting a piece of land to put their house on which is a lot more difficult then it sounds! But one day it will happen I just know it!


I wanted to once again extend a thank you to all of you who have supported me...my little condo is still accumulating donations from people! I have just sent off a box of dressing supplies and clothes to the group at the Real Hope For Haiti


Have a look at the website...it makes me cry every time but more then that it makes me so grateful for all I have. Thank you Lori and Licia for all you do. I am planning on going to RHFH in the near future so keep the donations coming in ;-)

In the box for RHFH I was able to send "pillowcase dresses" made by my friend Elaine Porter (the pictures at the top are of my best friend Sherri's daughter modeling them...) Thank you so much Elaine! For any of you seamstresses (?) out there feel free to make some and send them my way! They are perfect for Haiti weather, easy to wash and put on and so beautiful and loved by the little girls who receive them!

And last but not least I know that most of you are either heading back to school yourself or are sending children off to school and in doing so you probably bought at least on pair of shoes...am I right? Well, although I am still wanting to support Heartline and Real Hope for Haiti I am going to be (soon) asking you to dig into your closets (and for me I don't have to dig far!) for new or gently used shoes! Soon...more details soon...just wanted to plant the seed!

Talk to you all soon!
Love Lise