Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool Humanitarians #1

So as most of you know I started this blog as a way of communicating with friends and family while I was away in Haiti. Quite often I use it as a sounding board for things other then Haiti (and I hope you don't mind?!) considering I'm not in Haiti :( how about I change it up a bit?

Today, as I sat in my warm condo looking at the beautiful sunny yet freezing cold day my thoughts began to drift (away from all those "required readings" ugghh)and I thought about an event that's going on right now just east of Edmonton, which I will tell you about in a minute...and on the tail end of that thought another came about.. why not also use it to talk about the people I encounter personally and read about that are doing great things in this world, not just for Haiti but for all the world.
I would love to be able to have the time, money and energy to be involved in more causes then I am but just because they are not things I can be involved in doesn't mean I can't tell you about all the people and causes I encounter..maybe you might have some time to get involved.. So in addition to writing about Haiti I will also be posting here about different causes, volunteer opportunities and in general all the cool people doing great things for the world!

So the event that got me thinking this way is The World's Longest Hockey Game, currently being played just east of Edmonton at "Saiker's Acres". This game is being played by 40 individuals (including only 1 girl..but have a feeling that may change) 24 hours a day for 11 days straight. The goal of the game, aside from retaining the title of longest game in Guinness, is to raise $1 million dollars for a new linear accelerator (radiation machine) for the Cross Cancer. The game (number 4 played by these guys) is currently into day 8 and it is freaking cold out there today!! Blisters, frostbite, fatigue and you name it will happen to these guys and gal over the 11 days but as I witnessed first hand they will take it all is stride and prove their true Canadian spirit.

You can read more about it here I had the privilege of meeting Brent while his wife Susan was in the Cross and I can tell you he truly is an amazing man! In 2005 (game #2) I volunteered at the game doing miscellaneous stuff and it was such a great experience. I will try and head out there at some point in the next few days to cheer them on..and maybe bring some hot, hot drinks...

So there we have first shout-out to the cool humanitarians of the world... I have met many so get ready for more to come!

Enjoy your weeknd..stay safe and warm..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

changes..part two..

I have not written in a long time..sorry about that. Life fills up time and stuff gets pushed to the back burner..So in my last post I spoke about need a change and the biggest one for me has occurred...

It was with a lot of sadness I left my job at the Cancer Hospital. I loved my job, I loved my colleagues, I loved my patients but I also know my limits and I was very close to mine when I decided to leave. Everyone that works in health care give of their hearts and souls..they work tirelessly to help people who are in very often the most trying times in their lives, they care for people as if they are their own family, they welcome the beginning of life and help with the ending of life...they carry patients,families and all their stories with them long after they go home at night...I love my job, I love the people I get to work with and for everyday but sometimes I run out of the give...and I am afraid that is where I found myself a couple of weeks ago...

The staff of the Cross are amazing,amazing people and I would not have been able to accomplish half of what I have in the last few years if it had not been for them. They are some of my best friends and I know they will be for the rest of my life. They have helped me grow as a nurse and more importantly as a human being and I thank them for that!

So I am off to something different..not bigger or better just different and I am looking forward to the change and growth that will come from this new job! Thanks to all of you for your well wishes!

Unfortunately with a change like this plans for other parts of my life have had to change also and I won't be able to go back to Haiti till the summer now...that is something that has me very sad today...I know this will be a good time for learning and saving and growing but I must admit I am longing to feel the hot sun on my face, smell the smells that only Haiti can produce, I long for the simplicity that becomes my life when I am there..I miss Rose and Olez..I miss Beth and all the people at Heartline...

The other day I was out and saw a card and have decided that although everyday I need to work towards my goalsand that I must not let things hold me back from going where I want to go in life, not all things will come to me as fast as I want them too!!

Patience Weedhopper patience..