Friday, January 13, 2012


Over the past year and especially the past few months I have talked with a lot of you about adoption and primarily about my wants/abilities to adopt Rose and her brother Jean Lee. As most of you know the both of them are now being adopted by another Canadian couple, something that makes me happy for them and their future!

Many of you have said to me that I needed to just go for it.. that the money (an area of concern for me) would just appear and that I would be able to find a way to cope with all that comes with an instant family as a single person well... please know this...Haiti is continuing to uphold its archaic rules for adoptions. These rules, although case by case considerations are made (hmmm ok) include:
1.Married couple (read not single women), married for at least 10 years (may consider those married for 8 years... yes cause all couples married for 10 years are "stable" and "are able to provide a stable growth environment").
2.No biological children of their own (hmmm yes cause most couples who can't have children within the first oh I don't know 2 years of marriage are so willing to wait 10 years to adopt).

I know that there are many rules/laws that need to be in place to ensure that children are not sold or given away even if they do have families. I am an advocate of keeping families together but there are some harsh realities of living in a country like Haiti and often the ideal outweighs those realities.

I read the following blog post this morning and I thank Kristen for outlining this issue so well for me. Please, please go read it! It is informative and was for me profound..Made me cry (not that most things don't :)) and it weighs heavily on my heart...

Life is as it is and I understand that. Quite often we are faced with things that we cause us frustrations and disbelief and we are left standing feeling like there is nothing to do...Maybe that is the case with this one.. I don't know...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 years

Two years ago today the lives of everyone in a small Caribbean country changed..
In ways that most of us will never comprehend..

Today is a day of remembrance,sadness, hope and love...

I stole these words from Tara..

"We are not alone; beyond the differences that separate us, we share one common humanity and thus belong to each other. The mystery of life is that we discover this human togetherness not when we are peaceful and strong, but when we are vulnerable and weak." -Henri Nouwen
Hug those you love today near and far..

Renmen Ayiti, mwen p'ap janm bliye ou..