Monday, May 24, 2010

Heading Back

Hi Everyone,

I know a few of you have expressed concern over my mental well-being after my last few posts.. first let me say "thank you" as it shows me that you care and that you are still listening to me and "hearing" what I am saying. Second, please don't worry about me..yes there are times I do feel helpless and I think that is only natural considering what I saw and experienced while in Haiti. I think that if I didn't feel some sense of sadness surrounding having so much when I saw people have so little it wouldn't be me...

I am happier right now because in one week I will be heading back to Haiti. Hopefully with bags filled with stuff people stuff for the kids still living at Heartline, clothes for the women and guys (who doesn't love a new outfit) and of course a full heart so excited to hug little Emman and Rosemon and of course Beth. And of course see my sweet little Rose and grandma! I will miss Jen and Barbie tho...but will get to chat with them and they will never be far from my thoughts and heart!

I also want to bring down some supplies for a new group I am hoping to get involved with (new to me but not new to Haiti!). As many of you have heard from my stories one of the things that really affected me when I was down in Haiti the first time was the children who were suffering from malnutrition. Prior to the earthquake 46% of Haitians suffered from malnutrition..BEFORE the quake, I can only imagine the stats now. I have been in contact with a lady who runs a rescue center for malnourished children and I hope to squeeze in a day or two with her while I am down this time. The center on average has about 60 children staying there, suffering from different levels of malnutrition. Check out their website...

So good things are happening and I am feeling better about it..I don't know what I will be contributing this go round and I guess I will wait and see...

I will try and update this blog like I did last time! So stay tuned. Thanks again for all the support.

Love Lise

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