Monday, May 3, 2010

London Times Article

WE had a reporter from the London Times follow our team for a day. They went with us to MERLIN (a UK organization that did a lot of our plastics and ortho stuff), Andrew, seen in the picture with the young girl was a wonderfully empathetic, retired Orthopedic surgeon! I loved the fact that he was still so willing to help in the world at a time in his life when he could have rightfully just focused on himself! He was seen by our team walking around with a teacup and saucer in +33C weather..ahh love those Brits!
The young man in the other picture was a patient of ours (not when I was there) who lost 12 members of his family in the quake..can you imagine losing 12 members of your family in 45 seconds? I can't! Truly remarkable young man!
I love you all and am so grateful to have you in my life! Be safe, take good care!


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