Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tonight I am feeling somewhat helpless and sad. I want to leave the comforts of my warm, dry house where my fridge is stocked and I can turn on the tap for fresh water anytime of the day...I want to immerse myself into a life of servitude and take away the pains and suffering of those hurting..I want to build houses to keep out the rain, I want to build schools so that little children can get educations, I want to give everyone access to the health care they need, I want to feed all the hungry people but most of all I want to make life good and easy and fair for everyone... in a world of so much why are there some that have so little...

Like I said I am a little sad tonight so thanks for listening... sending out love to my sweet friends in Haiti because that's all I have to send right now...

Please Read Sean Penns testimony at the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Love to all

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