Friday, March 26, 2010

Where's the AID?

Below I have posted some really good articles about things/people down here. The other day I went to the the epicenter of the Earthquake and I am still trying to formulate my thoughts around that experience. It was beautiful, this country for all that is not beautiful about it, is strikingly scenic and lush with amazing pockets life that to me are utterly beautiful..yet with massive amounts of destruction..imagine your neighborhood/community then imagine not one building still standing..not one in some places!

For all that I saw yesterday I have been thinking about outward "appearances" vs realities, not only in my own experiences but more importantly in the experiences of the people of this country...I am not sure of the dollar amount of money raised to "help Haiti" and from all "outward appearances" there are many different organizations appearing to be doing something in this country but are they the "somethings" that are needed and who's deciding the directions..because after reading the below articles I have to wonder...

Yesterday I saw many different vehicles driving around with different logos from different AID/NGO agencies on them. Outwardly it appeared that there are many "camps/tent cities" set up all over the places with some order to them, not a bad thing on appearances..but are the people living in theses tent cities actually receiving the help they need..the food, the supplies, the medical care that all the money that has been poured into these agencies by me and you, are supposed to be providing. I think a closer look would reveal the answer to be no.. and who's to blame? I know a lot of finger pointing will ensue..corrupt governments, corrupt agencies bureaucratic red tape...And the pointing will keep going, all the while people of Haiti will continue to not receive the help they need....

I am of the mindset, and maybe naively so but none the less I am of the thoughts that people/organizations that set out to do work in places like these are well-intended and meaning. My fear tho is that those intentions and meanings get lost somewhere along the way in meetings and schedules and policies set out by people nowhere near the crisis/problem.. I am also of the mindset that in order for any person/country to arise out of disaster the motivation must come from within, aided by the people with the means.

I do believe that the people of Haiti need to hold their government more accountable for their actions or in this case lack of actions for the betterment of life in Haiti. But we as outsiders aiding in the healing process need to hold the people we give our monies and support too accountable for their processes as well.

I am in no way an expert on the functions of NGO'S/AID agencies and my intent is not to be critical of them. All I am doing is sharing my thoughts and telling what I have seen and heard...I have had emails from many of you saying you support me and I know many of you have either contributed money to me and or other organizations and for that I am thankful. The one thing that I guess I have learned and hope that you will also take away from this, is to not just blindly throw money at something..investigate the organization..have they worked in the country before, are they truly invested in the people of that country and is what they proposing to do feasible? I know its easy to just throw money at something at times, especially when there is a crisis but don't just throw your money doesn't benefit anyone in the long run except maybe those who are wanting to keep up appearances!!

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