Tuesday, March 16, 2010

to the moon...

today was a long, busy day..13 hours of work.."i don't work this hard at home and i get paid for that..." fell in love with a beautiful 3 month old little girl who's mother had died and who along with 7 others is being cared for by grandma and am feeling somewhat disconnected from some that I love...need to get some sleep to fight off the cold that is trying to come so will hopefully write more tomorrow...wouldn't change anything for the world.
thank you all for the wonderful emails and notes..Margie, I get to sleep on a wonderful bed, inside, away from the rain unlike many in this country, Shutz thank you for the update! am sure Molly learned all she needed to about partying from you cause it wasn't me! Elaine, thank you for the emails. And thank you to all my friends from work, Heather and Elaine, your hygiene packs go home with each patient..a little starter kit if you will for some who are starting out again in this life.
Goodnight everyone. Love you to the moon and back....

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