Sunday, March 14, 2010

city tour...

I have just returned from a tour of the city and am sitting here trying to find the words..they are not coming. My heart breaks for the people of Haiti and yet there is so much potential that I see in the eyes of many people here..I just can't find the words and need to process this experience to be able to better descibe it for you all the while honoring the dignity of so many wonderful people who call this country and city home...

until then i must shower as it looks like i will have to work again tonight..our staff is amazing, simply amazing 24/7 so no complaints...

till later
love you all

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  1. Hey Lise, finally figuring out how to use this system. lol What an exp. you are having. Can't even begin to comprehend. They always say that unless one walks in those footsteps, one cannot even imagine what it is like. They are so fortunate to have you with all your compassion. love & caring. Will be looking forward to seeing you in Apr. & hearing first hand about your exp.

    The cold showers made me cringe, even on the hottest day don't want to go there, however guess one has to be thankful that there is water to shower. We are so fortunate, aren't we. How we take so much for granted.

    looking forward to hearing about your adv. love ya & take care. Aunty Ann-louise