Friday, March 5, 2010

3 Days...

So in three days I will be in Haiti and I have realized that I have not posted the link to the group I will be working with there so here it is:
feel free to check it out especially the blogs on it!
I spent today getting stuff together and although the stuff from AHS fell through (big surprise there..) I have managed to get alot of other things together..hygiene packs; BP cuffs; storage containers; tape; tourniquets just to name a addition to the great wound care stuff I will be carrying a lot! Not to mention some treats that I hope will bring some smiles to the kids and staff's faces!
I would like to thanks everyone that has given me support in this and I will do my best to make you proud!
I also want to give you the heads up that I have got something on the go with regards to the orphanage that the clinic is currently being housed in but I need to work out the details and I will get back to you! So stay tuned!
I also wanted to say that my dear friend Michelle lost her father yesterday and although I will not be here to help her with whatever I can she will be in my thoughts. I love you Michelle and I will be sending you love from a far but you will be in my thoughts and heart!
Hold close those you love dear and let them know you love them always!
Love you all.
Thanks again for the support!
Love Lise....

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