Thursday, March 18, 2010

The rains came..

I have not written in a while and it has mostly been because I am too tired at night..I often look at Jen (our Dr.) and wonder how she does it...she's amazing! Anyways, sad day at the clinic today..the little baby we basically coded the other day had died and her mom (who was staying with us) had to be told...I have consoled many people in my career but one can only feel helpless in a situation like that. Not knowing the language, not being able to communicate my sympathies to this poor mom..I just sat with her for a while and hoped that she would feel the love I was sending her...
Also my little Rose (the little girl I feel in love with the other day) had come back yesterday with an even higher temperature and we kept her overnight..poor grandma loves this little girl but I could tell that she is worn out. She promised to come to the women's clinic each week tho to get more formula for Rose so hopefully she does do that.. the good thing was that she looked 100% better this morning before she left..I just hope the little peanut grows up big and strong...I did have a tear in my eye when she left today...
And to top it off tonight the rain started and as I sit here it has yet to let up..well maybe it let up a bit. We have tarps over the courtyard and hopefully they will stand the night but the lower parts of the courtyard are flooded with nowhere for the water to go..there is a group of guys from Colorado here right now with a few engineers and a guy who grew up in North Dakota (so "i know a little about flooding") so hopefully they will figure something out for tomorrow! Because if they don't we are going to have a mosquito/malaria breeding ground in our own backyard!

Life in Haiti seems to be an everyday health care, no infra-structure, no promises of a better or new tomorrow because there does not appear to be any leadership or movement...things are still the same as they were 2 months ago and maybe will be this way in 10 years from now....
I do know tho that the people of Heartline and this little clinic have and are making a difference in the lives of those they are caring for! Tonight I got to be a part of a procedure where the patient is put under sedation (on a plastic table held up by saw-horses) and watched as our drs moved patients legs that have not been moved in months, breaking up scar tissue..this will help them tremendously in their ability to walk properly again. I know that so many patients in this country would not have the benefit of this type of care and its all because of the hard work of our medical staff (namely Dr. Jen Halverson)

Oh and I have managed to pick up a great case of Scabies..that one is for you Ashley (don't worry I have been medicated and will descabify before I come home!)! I don't think my trip would have been complete had I not picked up something and the great thing is I would not have changed anything because I got them from playing with my little friend Emmaunual..
So now I will head off and try to the gentle sounds of the rains trying not to think of all the people sleeping in tents(or just hoping that they will be strong enough to hold up to these rains..)
11 straight days of 12-13 hour shifts...time is sure flying!
goodnight all

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