Friday, November 19, 2010

I spoke in person (yes- on the phone!) with Lise this morning at 8:30. At times the reception was good but at others really choppy. So here is what I understood and my perception of what is going on. Sean Penn has a house in the Northern most part of Haiti (that he is using for the staff who work at the clinic. Lise however, is staying in her own tent on the property). This is one of the homes that was untouched by the earthquake. The home has a pool; and when Lise first arrived last Sunday people were outside enjoying the weather and the water. The atmosphere since then has changed and Sean Penn held a meeting and stated that due to the high need and the political climate at this time they would stay focused and disciplined, and he had decided to drain the pool (sounds frivolous to mention, however, I gathered from Lise that he is an incredible Humanitarian and a man focused on principle and getting the right thing done... so it only makes sense). There are guards around and the staff is only able to go between the compound and the clinic. With the elections going on and the political unrest, safety is obviously a priority. I got a little chocked up on the phone but Lise said, Allister, his wife and their young son are here, and they are very intelligent people so the safety measures must be more than adequate!!!! On Sunday, Chris from Heartline is going to be picking up Lise and bringing her there. And, yes, she did say that travel to Heartline would be safe. Beth was going to pass on the message to Grandma last Tuesday that Lise would be arriving. Lise is hoping that Grandma leaves Rose with her for a couple of days while she is there or at least they have time together on Tuesday when Grandma and Rose come to the clinic. Chris will also drive Lise to the airport on Wednesday. Lise should be able to blog once she gets to Heartline on one of us will keep you posted. I signed off our phone conversation with a really loud "WE LOVE YOU!" So from all of us she knows we are sending love and thinking of her. She will be safe! Take care everyone. Much love and blessings- Sherri

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