Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As I sit tonight trying to get as much news as I can about the tropical storm/hurricane that is about to hit Haiti I am trying to keep as positive a view as I can...but yet I still worry, fruitless to do so I know but one can't help but think of all the little Rose's living in tents (still no house because no land..too much rubble..) and worry what yet another blow will do to the people of Haiti...

As most of you know I will be heading back next what I am not sure and I guess even "IF". But I truly hope that I find myself there in 10 days to do whatever is needed of me.

News tonight out of Haiti is about "mandatory evacuations" by the government..really to where and how...I have been so lucky to be part of an email stream of people working to help those in Haiti..sharing of supplies, staff, information.. its truly been amazing (thank-you Amy King for hooking me up) And although there is not much I can do from here..I guess I will just prepare to return and do what is needed of me...

This article is about the evacuations from the JP-HRO camp to which I will be heading in 10 days...

Thanks again for the support!
Love Lise

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