Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi everyone!

I am blogging on behalf of Lise as she is not able to blog or use Facebook where she is. First of- she is safe and doing well, although there is much turbulence in Haiti right now.

Her most recent 2 messages to me were : Day was good and sad. Worked in the cholera tent. Sad little 4 yr old with cholera and possibly liver disease Ryan and I were looking after.
[11/17/2010 05:13:10 PM] Lise Budreo: Hey guess grandmas house is Going to be ready soon!!!!

Of course, she is happy as she is doing what she does best...and I know Grandma's house was a big one for her too! She also sat 100 feet from Sean Penn today too :)
Lise won't be able to blog until Nov. 22- so until that time I will keep everyone updated as I receive messages.

Lots of love and take care
Sherri Birdsell

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