Friday, October 15, 2010

World Food Day

Recently I was reading a blog that I follow daily. The blog is by a couple who make Haiti their home (although they have been living in the States since the EQ). They are a neat couple (I have only met Tara once briefly in Haiti when I was there but was lucky enough to stay in their home while I was there), they have 7 children and work for a few different groups in Port Au Prince.

The particular blog post by Tara that got me thinking today was about how to advocate for a cause without coming off as judgemental or arrogant (you can read it here.. One part stands out for me more then the others..its the part where Tara talks about how things exist even if we don't think about them..that we all have choices and basically those choices are to ..

1. We can find something to do
2. We can close our eyes and plug our ears and pretend there's no problem...

Sounding arrogant yet?

I have always thought that by my actions I could "lead" others, or help them in finding ways to help others. But the thing is, lately I am finding myself being more judgemental and and impatient with people and this world. I know its wrong and there are times that I need to pull myself back and realize that not everyone thinks the way I do..and that I am not an angel

How about now...

I guess for me right now I am choosing to not close my eyes...oh at times I wish that I could but like Tara said...just because I do that it doesn't mean that the thing I am closing them too will somehow stop, get better or cease to exist!

When I was last in Haiti, I visited the Real Hope for Haiti group in Cazale. I had never seen malnutrition up close till my visit there.. This past week Licia wrote a blog post about how she had to turn away children from the feeding center, how she has had to hire more nannies to care for the influx of children and how they were having to fix beds on the floor of the center to accommodate. you can read the blog post here...

I have thought a lot over the last week about how Licia must feel, beaten down, trudging up hill all the time, ...How can I/we make a difference instead of just putting band aids on a cracking dam.

I don't know the answers to that question but just because I don't have the answer doesn't mean I should close my eyes too it, that I shouldn't find something to do about it..that I should stop advocating for the people and things that are unjust in this world like..childhood malnutrition in developing countries, lack of education for children (especially girls), lack of access to clean water..

And I guess until we come up with the answers to the hard questions I will keep trying to find the ways to help...

Today October 16 is World Food Day... All I ask is that wherever you are your aware of the fact that there are so many in this world that are without the basic requirments for survival, that 195 million children suffer from malnutrition each year, and I could go on..but I think I'm getting to the arrogant part quickly...!


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