Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time to give back!

I have not written much since returning home..maybe it's that I feel I should not write to share my feelings/thoughts/insights since returning because I fear that they might not be genuine considering the environment...I just don't know...

What I do know tho is this the people of Haiti still need our help and recognition..we need to understand that although the tragedy there is not the latest and greatest in the way of news, we must work to not forget what has happened and what still needs to happen there... we must not abdicate our roles as fellow humans in the suffering of our fellow citizens of this planet. And not only do the people of Haiti deserve our attention, so do the people all over the world who suffer day in and day out, those who struggle against circumstance and luck to make it through each day.
I know it's easy to turn off the televisions and let our minds block out the struggles of others but as humans I feel its our responsibility to acknowledge the suffering of the many, even if we feel we are not in the position to invoke changes...Many have said to me since returning "oh I could never have done that" to which I have oft replied "you would be surprised what you could do" and I mean it! I have never been one to tell people "what" they should be doing with their lives or if/how they should give back..guilt doesn't work..for me its a matter of leading by example, showing others that to give back and care, is not a hard fact its very easy, it's just whether or not people are willing to take the chance!

I came across 2 quotes today that really spoke to me and that I want to share with you. One is by a former president of Doctors Without Borders, who spent time in Ethiopia and Rawanda (I recommend his book "An Imperfect Offering" and the movie accompaniment "triage")
“What I’ve experienced is that I can’t know the future. I can’t know if anything that I do will change what happens tomorrow. I can’t know with certainty, but what I do know is if I do nothing, nothing will change.” James Orbinski. If we as a society continue to do nothing out of the fears that we have, how will anything change for our fellow human beings? And here I can insert all types of statistics like over 2 billion people who live on less then $2 a day; the fact that malaria infects 500 million people a year and kills 1 million a year (April 25th is world Malaria day) and I could go on all day but I won't I just want us to all stop and think how we can do something, even something small to effect change for people in this world!

The second quote was at the bottom of a friends email and I am not sure who wrote it but it also had an impact on me today.
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle" For some of those we meet it's a patient fighting Cancer or depression and for others its a fight we will never have to see or experience but that is real and requires strength and courage, that we as caring, loving human beings can provide for each other, even from a distance!
I guess in the end what I am asking of each and everyone of you is to not take the easy road.. to not say "I could never do that..." but to find a way, even a small way to make a difference in the lives of those who share this beautiful planet of ours either near or far!
(IF you can't think of a me! I have lots of ideas!)

Many of you have not only supported me in my trip but have also helped out in other ways and for that I thank you..I just ask that we try to never lose sight of those in this world who will never escape from the poverty,suffering and sadness that surrounds them..lets not let them suffer alone but in some small way help lighten the load..

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