Thursday, April 8, 2010


Home..somewhat of a fleeting concept to me in the past but after being home for just a little over 24 hours, I must say home has taken on a new meaning for me.. As I sit here and look out the window at the rain and snow I am so grateful for not only my house but more importantly my home. My home is not only the physical entity that exists but its everything in my life that makes where I live a friends,my pictures of past moments,my trials and tribulations, my family, my hopes and dreams..

Many people in Haiti lost their houses on Jan 12 2010 but for the people of our clinic I like to think that they found a new home at the Heartline clinic. Most have very little with regards to personal items, I'm not sure many had much even before the quake. The one thing the people at the clinic have is a sense of community, they had new found friends brought together by a common experience, they have milestones they met with each others encouragement, they have love for each other that is genuine and true. The clinic at Heartline, backed by some of the most loving and caring people I have met in my life is a home. It was my home for a month and I am sad to be away from it yet unlike a house that can fall, a home, my home at Heartline will live on for me and hopefully for our patients.

So yes is the answer to the question I have been asked the most since coming home..yes I'm happy to be HOME but I do miss my HOME at Heartline and I am so grateful to have been included into the family there...

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  1. Welcome home Lise. I've enjoyed following your experiences in Haiti. Glad the blog worked out for you. What a great way to bring the daily experience to the rest of us who go about our privileged lives in relative oblivion.