Monday, October 10, 2011

some pretty awesome things here including $50k!

Hey There,

I admit I have been quite neglectful of this blog over the past few months. Please excuse me...I have been trying to sort out this teaching thing...aka the logistician thing that I have taken on for the next year. Admitedly tonight my brain is mush..who would have thought that I could talk so much that come the end of the day my brain has a hard time forming coherent sentences...yup it's true....

And what about the $50k you ask..I'll get to that later!

For now there have been a few things that have come up that I want to share with you. Mainly some articles and sites that I have been following/reading and Iwanted to share them with you.

First is an article about an amazing American Infectious Diseases Doctor working/volunteering in Haiti (her name is Megan Coffee...probably should have told you that)! She has been there since just after the EQ and has made a huge difference in the treatment and care that patients suffering from TB have been able to recieve. She is wicked smart and is wickedly committed to improving the lives of her patients and the staff that work with and for her. I have yet to meet her in person but am hoping on my next trip this summer that I can. Check this article out!

Second is that the people of Heartline have been BUUHISY the past few months (not that they are not always) but the past few months and a bit have been crazy with orphans, births (and crazy,stressful ones at that), volunteers and oh yeah rats in ovens!!
I have posted below from Tara and Troys blog an amazing post about what life could be like in a place like Haiti for a teen mom...

So difficult and so true....

Below is a link to a contest that Heartline is currently in. All you have to do is click on vote on the Heartline page (no need to sign up or give away your life, although if you do sign up you qualify for more votes...just sayin). If they win they will recieve $50k towards their womens program. A program that has done and continues to do amazing work in Haiti providing women with safe, loving birth and newborn care options. Please go and takes 3 seconds and then have your friends go and vote...lets do this!!

Now for something not so sad but very true....rats in ovens!

start here..

and ends here...

SO glad to see Jen Halverson back in Haiti doing as she says "anything that needs to be done"... guess that include assisting in rat assassinations... :-) (love it!)

And now I must head off to do a bit more marking and logistitining(?).....and then maybe some sleep!

Things for me slow down a wee bit in the next few weeks so I am hoping to do a bit more on here..get myself and you caught up and just reconnect!

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