Saturday, October 22, 2011

Check out this blog...

It is always interesting (and kinda crazy) to me the way the world works sometimes...

A few years ago I followed a blog by a doctor from Canada who was working in the Sudan for Doctors without Borders (MSF). This blog was amazing..I cried, I laughed, I felt like I was right there with him...I used to check everyday to see if there was a new post by him...
Upon his return he wrote a book called "6 Months in Sudan" and I felt so blessed that I was able to continue to savor his writing.

So last week I got to thinking...I have been asked by 2 fellow instructors to come into their classes and talk about my time in Haiti so it got me thinking about James and his I lay in bed the other night, facing down a long day of hospital visits I looked him up on the MSF website and low and behold, there just for me (of course not true in any shape but I felt like it was just for me...) was a new blog by him. I had to literally put down my computer and force myself to go to sleep and wait until I had the adequate time to sit and read this new blog.

James Maskalyk spent, from what I can tell, about 5 months in Kenya at Dadaab (the worlds largest refugee camp). As of Aug 2011 there were over 440 000 people living in the 3 refugee camps that make up the complex. This camp has been seeing an astronomical amount of growth in the past months ever since FAMINE has been declared in Somalia.

you can read more about it here:

If you want to read the blog you can do so here:

But as these things tend to go in life after I spent the time and read the blog and was working on getting my head around what I was going to say to these future nurses next month an email came into my University account talking about Global Awareness Week coming up in Jan-Feb so of course I opened it....guess who is going to be a guest speaker..come on just one guess...

Yup it's going to be the guy who I credit with motivating me to want to become involved with the plight of so many in this world, the guy who's words moved me and shook me and helped me view the world in a way I never had before!! And I am so excited...I think you may be able to tell!

Just to give you a taste...
Here is a small section taken from his last blog post in Dadaab

"you become what you pay attention to. and what that is, there are no rules, only possibilities. we’re all making it up what a human being is as we go along, moment to moment, and if you’re not deciding, someone is. in that understanding is a scary freedom and the world’s real magic, that as the universe manifests perpetual change, it does it, at least in part, through our imaginations."

Just thought I would share my thoughts for the night..check out the blog..its pretty amazing! And check out his Sudan one as well..who knows it just might move ya!?


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