Monday, August 1, 2011

update while i can still think!

Another quick message.

Sorry for the short ones but both motivation and time seem to be in short supply at the moment. Am at Medishare and in following along DR. Jen Halverson's master plan for me, I am working in the area of Pediatrics. For the most part my primary duties have been to care for a set of premature twins (brother and sister) each weighing under 2kgs (so no worries on the back strains!).They are pretty darn sweet and even at this age the obvious bond between them is amazing. Thank goodness I am working with a PEDS nurse from the US, an amazing Haitian Pediatrics Dr and some pretty adventurous Haïtien nurses. I say adventurous because I am not sure if I know of any nurse in Canada that would be willing to walk into work, get a crash course on ventilators and begin caring for a vented patient along with a very sick premature baby. My American counterpart and I are also assisting in teaching where we can although for me it is more learning then teaching.

The Haitian nurses have humored me in my attempts to further my Kreole skills and for that I am grateful! It's crazy hot here but when working there is air conditioning (crazy luxury for Haiti) and the air makes sleeping during the day fairly decent! Oh and the fact that I seem to be in an area void of roosters and barking dogs?!

Anyways, better get going for night 3 of 7 (not sure if there are labor laws about that here...) but tomorrow is a "tour" of the city in the afternoon which will be interesting. For those of you asking me if there has been any change, while in a lot of ways that is a subjective question, physically Port Au Prince seems to have made some strides and things (from my limited drives through the city) seem to be more "cleaned up".

As an aside there is apparently a possible hurricane headed our way and depending on which weather forecasting system you believe, it may or may not hit us. Nice (?) thing is it appears that it may hit on friday or sat so...I might be working more nights then first thought...god lets hope not!

Bye for now!


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