Wednesday, December 15, 2010



How perfect a word to describe how I feel at this moment in time....yes, the past few years have awoken me to so much more then I knew existed...the good, the bad, the suffering, the joy, the injustices, the victories, the love, the sorrow, the destruction and the beauty that surrounds me... and when I say AWAKE I mean more then just living life and getting by day to day, I mean being raw and open to all that does and can exist for me out in this, its amazing..

I know as a person I have changed a lot over the past few years (those who have known me for a long time can, hopefully attest to that!) and its been a trying, sad, beautiful, frustrating, heart expanding and exhilarating process...and one that it is far from over...I know I am more aware then I was 2 years ago and that life and all it's happenings not only occur in my little bubble but also (and to a greater extent) outside that bubble...and I am slowly becoming more and more aware of that world, my world!

I'm not saying I want to get caught up in all the struggles of the world because god knows there are many but I honestly feel like I have a better understanding of what is happening out there whether or not I can/am involved in it. I have chosen to no longer turn away from injustices I see or from the beauty that also exists in this world. I have often found (and looking back on my blog posts of the past) that I dwell in the sadness and injustices of the world and don't revel enough in the equally abundant beauties. So from here on forward I am going to try to seek a better balance..

And now that I feel awake to it all I can see how I can have more of an impact on this I CAN do the things that I only dreamed of once doing...I can also see that the needs of the world are endless and that I, as only one person may only be able do a little to invoke change on a grand scale but I know that even just a little bit can count in the long run....So the words of Mother Teresa hold so true to me for right now and for hopefully the future..


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