Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hardening Up..

“how does one not harden up in the face of such sadness and seeming despair?”

The question is one that has been asked not so directly to me in the past few months but I guess around me. My friend Brian wrote about it on his blog and its something that I have thought a lot about the past few days. Even now as I try and get a little rest on the last leg of my epic journey home, eyes red and sore, stomach rumbling from I’m not so sure what, I find I cannot stop the question from bouncing around in my head…

I’m not sure I have any real answers to the question…knowing that the only answers I would have would be mine alone and therefore only apply to me…and I am not convinced that I have found the real solution for how to remain soft and open when it would be so much more beneficial to harden up. And I think more for me the better, more appropriate question is “how do I remain soft, open and loving?”

And I’m just not sure how to do that but I feel pretty confident that I will find the answers. There is too much that love can accomplish… for me the question is akin to probably my favorite quote

“And the day came that the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful then the risk it took to bloom”

To harden up would be to remain safe and comfortable in the bud not daring to open myself up to the pain that could come with remaining open…

Just some thoughts....

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