Monday, November 19, 2012

Life is good...

Yesterday I cared for a young women cut down in the prime of her life by a disease that I have developed a respectful hate for... It was a tough day and I really felt like crying when I returned home after my 12 hours with her and her ever supportive husband...

The past week I have watched the events that are happening all over the world (more specifically in The Gaza Strip) and I have been experiencing so many emotions ranging from anger to sadness. Watching as needless deaths occur on both sides of the conflict.

I have read articles about the destruction left by super-storm Sandy in both the US and Haiti and I worry about those affected.

This morning I awoke in my own bed, I took a shower with hot water, I ate bread baked using ingredients that are in abundance in my world, I am safe from violence, super-storms and cancer.

Life on this end is good.

Be grateful, be kind, educate yourself, lend your hand to those in need....

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