Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't have it in me...

Hi everyone, Sorry I have not been keeping up with this blog... Days here are long, hot and to be honest I am generally not in the mood to sit down and write... Usually my evenings entail in no particular order, shower, cold drink, food and maybe a little reading. I can honestly say I that I have no idea how Megan is able to keep this up and has kept it up for the past 2.5 years!! She truly is amazing and I don't know how to even describe a day in her life. I am happy to report my bug bites have all healed, I'm sleeping good, have not lost much weight and am getting to work with amazing people doing such awesome things in crazy conditions.. I'm off to bed... Stay well... Lise


  1. I could not do what you are doing Lise (MEGAN!!) -- you guys are the bomb-diddly!

  2. Bomb-diddly indeed!! You're amazing!! Keep listening to your body and chill when you need to. xox