Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank you!

I got the following message this past weekend. Anthea and Lyndon are children of a guy I have known for a very long time (Jay and my brother were great friends growing up)! Makes me grateful for parents like Jodi and Jay who are showing their children that one can make a difference at any age. Compassion is often so abundant in children and much can be learned by these little people!! Thanks again you guys! Lise, This is Anthea. Lyndon (my brother) and I raised some money in the last couple of months. We sold home-made napkin holders, little people, and bugs and sold them to our family and friends. We raised $37.20. We want to give it to you to use for medicine when you travel next to Haiti. My dad will make sure he gets it to you. Anthea (and Lyndon)

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