Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great news!

As you all know in my travels to Haiti, Heartline Ministries has carved a way into my heart...and for good reason. I have raved about Beth and John and all the people attached to Heartline (Tara, Troy, Heather just to name a few) and all the great things they do for the people of Haiti. Many of you have asked me about donations and who you could donate to ensure the money actually gets to the people/services that need it and time and time again I have said without hesitation Heartline.

The people of Heartline are so beautiful in their acceptance of all human beings (and bull mastifs..) and I am so grateful for their place in my life.
This past week Heartline became the recipents of a 50K grant... and oh the things they will do with that money!

I am so, so proud of them and give thanks to those of you who voted for them in this contest. See the video of the winners here...
Beth is last and as I predicted..well you'll see...

Warms my heart....

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