Monday, January 17, 2011

3.5 years

I know this post isn't directly about Haiti but indirectly it is. You see the past year and the time I have spent there has opened my eyes to the fact that I am not living my life to the fullest and that is something that needs to change. I know a list may not ensure that I am living fully but it does provide this wayward soul with some direction.. so here goes..thanks in part to my time spent in Haiti and in part to the people I have met there and along the journey..

"It's time to take some risks, lise. Bold, calculated risks. The first step is knowing where you want to go. The second step is using your courage to put concrete goals into action. The universe is ready to help you out, but only if you set things in motion. Don't try to deny your fear; rather, take it by the hand and proceed on your adventure together. When you take action, you are welcoming your destiny."

I chuckled as I read this today..see I was working on a list, my 40 before inspired by many things/people but one that I know if I don't put down into writing will never happen, the things on the list that here I am I guess being bold, calling up courage and moving forward with my life...

The past 2 years have been amazing for me. I have run the gamet of emotions from utter bliss to complete despair. And I want to go there again and again because I now know what it feels to be alive as a result of taking chances, most especially with my heart..

I once told a friend that we all play a role in shaping our destinies, I still believe that to my core. Sure we can get caught up in the events of everyday life and before you know it years have passed and you are either still in the same place or worse, fallen into a life that upon further inspection is not the one you want at all...

So as to not let my life slip away into a place I don't like nor want to be in I am going to be bold.. and finally put down into writing the things I want to do over at least the next 3.5 years..I figure if they are down in writing I will have more accountability.

So here is my 40 before (gulp) 40! 3.5 years to the day to complete...

Find my passion..find my song and sing it..

1. Get/start my Masters in Nursing with a focus on... yet to be determined

2. Learn guitar or piano (seriously have you seen the length of my fingers)

3. pay off my credit card and line of credit (might be hard..see # 1,4,13,19,27..)

4. return to Haiti___ times

5. attend an outdoor concert at Red Rocks

6. Run a half marathon to raise funds for ____ (ideas welcome )

7. spend 3 months without television

8. spend 6 months eating vegan

9. grow a garden in the collective garden across the street

10. get Rose and grandma's home finally built

11. send Rose and John Lee to a good school

12. Donate another 5% of my income to charity (start Jan2012)

13. Visit the Outer Banks (Sherri up for a trip?)

14. Grow my hair to a length where I can get it into a ponytail!

15. Give up coffee for 6 months and use all the $ I save towards...maybe #13 or 16

16. Start my own non-profit (big one I know and not sure which direction but thinking..)

17. write in my journal at least once a week..

18. find a volunteer job I love and volunteer at least once a week

19. See David Gray at Wang Theater in Boston

20. Start to collect Air Miles (I know right? What the..?)

21. Go to NYC with Sherri and attend a conference..well maybe..the conference

22. Spend 3-6 months working in the States

23. Read all books unread in my house (not necess before buying new ones)

24. Along the same lines as #23.. use up all lip glosses currently in circulation

25. Cross country ski for a season.

26. Make a decision about Rose....(maybe should be #1 and then most of this list would change..not that bold yet...)

27. Take a class on glass blowing

28. Get a tattoo

29. Be a little more gentle on myself and those around me.

30. learn to mediate (might make 29 easier)

31. Spend more time with my family

32. reduce my footprint..recycle more, switch to paperless whenever possible

33. learn creole

34. learn to sew/take a class or have a friend teach me..any takers?

35. fall in love again (not sure there should be a time limit on this)

36. paint my condo

37. take every opportunity to travel and connect with people..explore and enjoy life, live in the now...

38. do one thing that scares me at least once a well as at least one act of random kindness a week (if not more often but its a start..)

39. take more pictures and put them in albums

40. Try and spend everyday working to make this world a better place even if its just in a small way; be grateful for all I have, know that I have enough even if its less then some it is so much more then others, appreciate my health, friends, family, security, warm beds, full cupboards and the ability to live this life to the fullest!

This list is by no means the only things I hope to do over the next 3.5 years nor is it in order and if you have anything to contribute please let me know. This is more for me then you guys (sorry) but feel free to keep me on track if you see me floundering!

"Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down on time wasted in disapproving of others"


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  1. those are great aspirations Lise!! i can totally help you with the obvious ones of tattoos and i think the sewing...i own a machine and apparently if you have a machine you can take lessons on your own...this is something i need to learn as well, so definitely count me in!! I can totally help you paint your condo as well!! See? there's 3 items knocked off already!!