Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post. Heartline is reopenning the clinic in the next few weeks as there is a surgeon coming back to do follow-up and revisions. I won't be going back cause I cannot get the time off but my friend Jessica is going back and of course there is still a need for a few things. If any of you have some of this stuff and want to help out she is leaving next thursday (and I am away this coming weekend till tuesday but will make pick-ups work etc...) so here's the list..Thanks again!
twin sheets,
flat and fitted (new or gently used)
all sizes (new or gently used)
light blankets (new or gently used)
pillows (new or gently used)
antibacterial wipes (for surfaces, not hands)
baby powder
deoderant for men and women
bars of soap
manila file folders
Sharpie markers
duct tape and masking tape
good quality Ziploc bags (quart and gallon size)

Also a quick note about a project upcoming for me..check out the following website and start digging in your closets for those shoes you don't wear...More info to follow!

Oh you can reach me here or call me at 780-278-7186

Love Lise

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