Thursday, July 8, 2010


People never cease to amaze me...I really don't know how to thank everyone who has supported me..emotionally and financially these past 6 months! I truly could not have done half of it without you! So please accept this humble note as my thanks to you...friends, family, strangers (or friends I have not met yet). You all make me want to be a better person, you push me to do more, you inspire me (thanks Matt!) and although said by many before I do believe there are not a greater group of people in the world!

My friend Barb said to me today "it sometimes takes just one person Lise to make that difference" but the thing is I don't feel like "one person" with you all standing behind me...

Love Lise

P.S. Almost final total= $2800!!
P.S.S. check out Johns blog on the houses being built!

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  1. for some reason John's blog didn't come up on the post so here it is..